Privacy Policy

The Consumer Credit Commissioner (OCCC) maintains this Web site as a public service. Because the OCCC respects your privacy, we developed this policy to address the most common concerns of Texans who visit us online, in person, or over the Consumer Helpline. This privacy policy does apply to our Web site but does not extend to any sites whose links appear on any of our Web pages.

How does the Texas Public Information Act affect my privacy online?
Like all state agencies, the OCCC is subject to the Texas Public Information Act, meaning that information provided to the agency—by businesses and consumers alike—may be subject to public inspection or disclosure if requested under the Texas Public Information Act or other legal process. Any information you submit to the OCCC, whether through our Web site, U.S. mail, fax, or other method, may be considered a public record and therefore fall under the provisions of the Texas Public Information Act. Please refer to the OCCC Open Records Policy and Procedures section for further information.

What information do you collect from Web site visitors?
We do not collect or request personal information (e.g., name, address, phone number, etc.) about visitors to our Web site. Instead, we gather generic information about the number of hits to the site, length of visits, and the types of Internet connections our visitors use. This information helps us evaluate the accessibility of our Web site, monitor the popularity of the various features, and ensure adequate service time.

You may choose to use an e-mail link found on the site to submit personal information to us; we will use such information only to respond to your request and possibly to analyze trends. To best meet your needs, we may redirect your e-mail message to another government agency if that agency is in a better position to address your situation. Please note that some types of information we receive are subject to disclosure under the Public Information Act. However, under no circumstances do we sell or rent personal contact information to third parties.

Do you use cookies?
Unlike some Web sites, we do not collect personal information about visitors by using cookies. Cookies are small text files stored on your hard drive which contain information such as passwords, lists of pages visited, the date you last visited a certain page, etc.

Can I copy the information posted on this Web site?
Information presented on the TFEE site is considered public information and may be freely distributed or copied. We do request that you credit the TFEE/OCCC as the source of the information.